Drink Mnemonics Memory System

Published: 30th August 2009
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The job of bartending is a complex one that is not given much regard as it should. Little wonder that nowadays there are bartender schools established to pass on bartending skills and techniques that have been amassed over a considerable period of time. These establishments are there and ready to ensure that professional standards are instilled in this occupation.

Loaded only with bartender courses, schools seek to provide the much needed tutelage. One bartending skill that is key to performing well in is the ability to retain a lot of information on drink recipes and drink mixes that are in the bar's supply. This is especially the case in those major bars that have a considerable stockpile of drinks.

Bartending careers are as practical as it gets. Even though bartender schools and bartender courses are good for introduction people into the business, learned bartending skills will still require practice and commitment if you want to maintain and improve the skills in your bartending resume. In this regard, using the Drink Mnemonics Memory System to retain information on bartender drinks and drink recipes is one of the most efficient ways available today.

The science behind the Drink Mnemonics Memory System has its roots deeply based in the practice of psychological conditioning. Mnemonics use repetitions and the development of easy-to-remember constructs. This makes it easier to recall memorized items. This is a very profitable bartending skill.

Mastering the art of mix drink mnemonics can be done without help from tutors. The list of drink and cocktail recipes that come along with the job is quite wide. Using the Drink Mnemonics Memory System is the best way to condition your memory for the task of delivering customer drink orders. Bars are, at best, busy environments that provide a very challenging atmosphere. With so many customers ordering all manner of bartender drinks and drink mixes, the bartender needs to remember fast to keep from being overwhelmed. Newly developed methods such as the Bartender Audio Memorization System trains bartenders in improving their mix drink memory.

This system uses audio modes to pass along the mnemonics of drinks that are already commonly used in bars. Although the basic way of learning bartender drink names, types and recipes has been by reading them on hard copy, this method provides an easier way of remembering and applying mix drink mnemonics in day to day bartending activities.

Common mnemonics used in bartending are, for example, using the name "Presbyterian" to stand for whiskey and ginger ale drink mix. How such mnemonics are arrived at is a case to be considered at another time. All that is needed here is a confirmation that such mnemonics really do work in bartender training. The Drink Mnemonics Memory System could be just the thing to help you meet with more success in bartending than you ever imagined. With it, you might not even need to attend bartender school any more at all.

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